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DC 114 – Hello Ravnica, Goodbye Mirrodin

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The Mythic debate rages on

With cards like Warren Instigator and Lotus Cobra being thrown into the Mythic Rare pile, it’s not really a surprise that the debate over the orange rarity hasn’t simmered lately.

Craig Jones, writing for Star City Games, gave his opinion of Mythics a few days ago, and a good article has appeared on MTG Color Pie that provides the opinions of some in the wider Magic community. DeckConstruct even gets a mention in the latter.

Regular DC listeners will know that, although I like some Mythic cards because of the actual cards, I’m definitely not a fan of the rarity. But what do you think? Do Mythics have a place in Magic, or should they be banished from the face of the Multiverse? Let us know via email (, or in the comments!

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