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DC 114 – Hello Ravnica, Goodbye Mirrodin

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DC 114 – Hello Ravnica, Goodbye Mirrodin

Slightly later than originally scheduled due to the fact that the cure for the common cold hasn’t yet been invented, DC 114 is online!

This week, I recap the pre-release for Return to Ravnica, including impressions I got while watching other people play on the Saturday, and my own impressions when I managed to play after that.

Following that, I keep with DC tradition and go over 10 cards from Scars of Mirrodin block, which recently departed Standard.

As always, pleas email with any feedback, and don’t forget to stop by the DC forums.

You’ll also find DC on the socials at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and Twitch.

Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to check out the MTGO RTR pre-release stream this Saturday, October 13, from around 7pm UK time!

- DC Hobbit Society

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DC 113 – Before The Pre-release

This upcoming weekend is Return to Ravnica pre-release weekend! In light of this monumental MTG event (or not, depending on how much you’re looking forward to the set), this week’s show is about pre-releasing.

I go over some tips on how to make your pre-release experience as smooth as possible, based on the experience of several pre-releases where things didn’t go smoothly all the time!

The email doors are always open at, and the social wires are still buzzing at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and Twitch.

Thanks for listening!

- DC Pack Ripping Society

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DC 112 – Spoiling The Return

Welcome to DeckConstruct Series 10! It’s good to be back, talking about all things MTG.

This week’s cast kicks off with a few words about series 10 and a change or two I’ve made, mainly focusing on how often the cast comes out. I also go over what’ll be in the next few episodes.

After that, it’s time to dive into Return to Ravnica spoilers! The set is shaping up to be one of the classics. I go over some cards that you should probably hang on to after your pre-release. Think of it as “Spoilers for Busy People” but with less kanji.

As always, please feel free to send email to, and please join me on the social wires at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Also, although there isn’t anything there yet, you might want to subscribe to DC’s Twitch channel, as I’ll be streaming there in the near future.

Thanks for listening, and please don’t mind the slight background hum in this week’s show. It’ll disappear by the next show. Also, don’t forget that show 113 is out on September 23, not September 21!

- DC City Guides

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DC Returns On September 14th

DeckConstruct will return on September 14th with show 112, the first of series 10. The series will run until December 14, and will have 14 shows (you might have noticed a trend here). I intend to make it to December this time!

It’ll also be the podcast’s 5th anniversary on September 23rd (to the exact day of the week!), and I plan to do something swish to mark the occasion. (This is the part where someone else might say “Stay tuned!”).

There will be some changes to the podcast, some of which I’ll talk about in show 112, and some which you’ll notice when you press play. The cast will be recorded on much better hardware than I previously had, so I’ll be able to do some things I couldn’t before.

Finally, as this autumn sees the introduction of Return to Ravnica, and because Ravnica is my favourite Magic setting by a country mile, I plan to go deep into the set, including things like livestreaming the MTGO RTR pre-release, producing videos for the YouTube channel, and even draft streams! What can I say, Ravnica’s awesome!

That’s the plan for series 10. I’m looking forward to it!

DC 111 – That’s All

It only took nine months, almost to the day, but DC 111 is finally out! The British might be used to waiting and queueing, but that’s a bit excessive!

In this episode, the last of a short series 9, I talk about the last nine months of Magic, life and everything. Included are some extremely short set recaps, some Legacy decks and some wargaming!

If you’d like to get in touch via email, the old address is still the same: The spam has been cleared out (oh my gosh was there a lot of it!), and the offers of money from far-off countries have been deleted.

DC is also still on the socials at at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Flickr is more of a “Why?” than a “Why not?” these days.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for staying subscribed if you have. If all goes well, Series 10 — and DC’s 5th birthday celebrations — will start in the autumn. Watch the website and Twitter for updates on that!

- DC, Looking At You, You Looking At Me

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DC 110 – Looking Back

Finally, after a delay that would make a London bus driver envious, DC 110 is online! Apologies for the delay.

This edition of the cast focuses on Zendikar block cards, looking back on some of my favourites from the block. You won’t find Jace 2.0 or Stoneforge Mystic in this selection, just a bunch of cards I found interesting from a fun or design (or both) perspective.

As always please get in touch via, and check out the DC Forums, too.

DC is also snoozing on the socials at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Thanks for listening!

- DC, Stopping And Talking A While

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DC 109 – So I Throw My Cards On Your Table

It’s unusually warm in London right now, and somewhere in the heat haze (yes, in October!) you’ll find DC 109. It’s a bit late because, well, “they” haven’t invented a way to add hours to the day!

To kick off the cast, I talk about the Innistrad pre-release over in Richmond, Surrey. It was the usual chilled affair that is the hallmark of a good Richmond pre-release. I also discuss my impressions of the set, including Dual-Faced Cards (or DFCs to their friends).

After that is the first listener question of the series! It was sent over by Viki Rosen, a familiar name around here.

As always, please do get in touch at, and swing by the DC Forums, too.

You’ll also find DC on the socials at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Thanks for listening!

- DC, Every Day And Every Night

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DC 108 – Time To Understand The Monster

It’s now Autumn, the nights are getting longer, and undead everywhere are already making plans for October 31. But, away from zombie social functions, show 108 is now online! Also, it’s DeckConstruct’s 4th birthday, so happy birthday podcast!

This week, I take a look at Innistrad, the next big set that comes out later this month. I go through each colour, picking out cards that seem interesting or fun from a gaming or design perspective.

After that is a discussion of the recent Banned and Restricted List announcement.

As always, you’re more than welcome to shout at me at, or sway over to the DC Forums for a public natter about Magic.

You’ll also find DC hanging around, like a gargoyle that forgot which building it’s meant to be posing on, at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Thanks for listening!

- DC, Armed With Stake In Hand

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DC 107 – Land Of Confusion

Slightly later than originally planned, but still earlier than a morning Underground train in London, show 107 is now up!

This week I talk about lands and manabases, and what to think about when making one. To kick things off, I start with Limited and share a technique that might help you out when you’re staring at 25-odd cards and wondering how to make the mana fit.

After that is a look at Constructed manabases, with examples of decks that have unusual land counts, and why that is. I also quickly touch on why fetchlands are a better first buy than dual lands.

Oh yes, and I also mention a competition in the outro which you might want to check out.

As always, please feel free to send an instant electronic telegraphical note to, and don’t forgot to check out the DC Forums, too.

You’ll also find DC behaving socially at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Thanks for listening!

- DC, With A Slice Of Lemon

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DC 106 – We Still Kill The Old Way

It’s September, and that means it’s time for a brand new series of DC to hit the signalwebs! Welcome back!

This week’s show creeps dangerously close to the hour mark, and starts with the usual look at what went on during the podcast’s absence; quite a few things, as it turns out!

Following that is a look at Pro Tour Philadephia, the first ever Modern format Pro Tour. Many combo cards were banned prior to the PT, but was that enough to stop combo? Survey says “Nuh uh”. I take a look at the meta and the decks that took enough turns to make it to the Top 8.

As always, you’re welcome to get in touch via email at, and why not stop by for a natter at the DC Forums?

You’ll also find DC mostly horizontal on the social sofas of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Thanks for listening and, again, welcome back!

- DC Going Once More Into The Breach

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